The Gold Rush Adventure Race is a California based race held as part of the AR World Series. Adventure racing is a combination of endurance activities, including orienteering navigation, cross-country running, mountain biking, paddling, climbing, and related rope skills.    I was selected to be a part of the Gold Rush Adventure Race documentary team. As a member of this team, I went to Stanislaus National Forest and shot footage, conducted interviews with exhausted racers in the middle of the night, kayaked for miles while holding a Glidecam, didn't sleep much, and edited daily recaps in Adobe Premiere.    When we got back, I worked with a team on transcriptions, editing, and story development. I am now leading a team of designers in creating the motion graphics for the documentary.    This is the first and only documentary series, produced by university students, to air on national television. The 2014 documentary will premiere on The Universal Sports Network in May.
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