The objective was to create a board game that represented a water cycle, and a system influenced by this cycle. For our “water cycle” my group and I went with the Mayan belief that sacrifices to the rain  deity  Chaac would bring a bountiful harvest of corn. There are four individual boards for each player, color coated with the four Mayan directional colors. These boards are where the players choose between sacrificing, farming, and sending warriors to attack neighboring players. The players then reveal their moves all at once, creating interesting dynamics and chance. The board incorporates magnets that add a pleasing action to the game, when you sacrifice a piece, it gets flicked into the hole in the board onto a magnet below.     I personally created all the icons and illustrations on the boards.
  The game was submitted to he 2014 IndieCadeFestival and got many glowing reviews from the judges.    "It was obviously very meticulously handmade and I appreciated that. I loved the graphics, the icons were lovely"  "When I stopped playing, I wanted to take this game home and tell my friends about it."  "The board and the use of magnetics is simple, elegant, and brilliant."  "Every action feels inspired, focused, and serves to reenforce the concept."  "The foundation is excellent and I see a huge potential for a must buy game."
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